Monday, March 30, 2009

Yeah...what he said...

While I've always maintained that rheology is a pretty daunting subject in full, many of the concepts are easily grasped by 6th graders - which explains the presence of multiple containers of Silly Putty on my desk and in the lab. But this definition of the subject is just a wee bit abstruse:

"The line activity of fluids much as liquid plastics, natural fluids, and paints is much more multifarious and Byzantine than that of tralatitious physicist fluids. The persona of nonverbal help in the think of much flows has accumulated staggeringly over the time cardinal years, and the phenomena and nonverbal difficulties in Byzantine flows hit led to newborn and hard mathematical questions.

Studying much flows presents a patron of problems, as substantially as opportunities for mathematical analysis, including questions of asymptotics, qualitative dynamics, and quality of nonverbal methods. Mathematical Analysis of Viscoelastic Flows presents an overview of mathematical problems, methods, and results relating to investigate on viscoelastic flows. This monograph is supported on a program of lectures presented at the 1999 NSF-CBMS Regional Research Conference on Mathematical Analysis of Viscoelastic Flows. It begins with an launching to phenomena observed in viscoelastic flows, the compound of mathematical equations to help much flows, and the activity of different models in ultimate flows. It also discusses the asymptotics of the broad Weissenberg limit, the psychotherapy of line instabilities, the equations of viscoelastic flows, jets and filaments and their breakup, as substantially as individual another topics."


Somehow I have this mild feeling that this was translated without any human intervention in the process. I like the use of Byzantine, but was thoroughly unaware that line instabilities are in need of psychotherapy. As I said at the beginning, rheology is can be pretty difficult at time so unless you want to end up in the loony bin, leave it to the professionals!

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