Monday, September 28, 2009

Marketing that anyone can love

Sure, I work in the lab so marketers drive me up the wall and vice versa. Nothing new, and I don't intend to draw new blood here today. Instead, I am LOL with this new product and product name - Vampirella.

"Blood-sucking meat trays to go global"
"The technology behind Vampirella expanded polystyrene (EPS) meat trays is now available for licensing globally. The single-layer trays feature a closed-cell surface structure and an open cell core layer that absorbs the blood excreted from meat through needle punched holes in the surface layer, thereby presenting a cleaner appearance to the consumer."

As someone who was once told during a performance review "that I was intimidating the marketers", I do have to tip my hat to the people behind this one. I love it.

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