Monday, November 16, 2009

It's Monday. I need a good laugh...

and found it here:

"One of my favorite thinkers, Will McDonough, is the leading thinker of ecological architecture. Among other achievements, he rebuilt the famed River Rouge plant of Ford, the very model of a modern major assembly line, into a sustainable model with pavers instead of asphalt, natural lighting, and grass on the roof. He is urging a technology cycle similar to a biological cycle, where manufactured products can reduce back into the ecosystem. An example is to redo plastics based on organic carbon, not petrochemicals. These plastics look and feel like petro-plastics, and yet dissolve when thrown away.The whole plastics industry can transform itself into a new range of products." (Emphasis added.)

Wow!! Organic plastics! What a concept.

Another wow!! They "dissolve". They just go away. All the mass is just gone. It's not like they would "dissolve" into CO2 or anything. And somehow they know when they've been thrown away. Too smart for me.

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