Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Open Access Journals

I've always been envious of the progress that biologists have made in providing free access journals. The Public Library of Science (PLoS) is the most visible example, but there are others. Chemistry has lagged quite far behind, but I was glad to discover this exeption: Polymers. This is a new free-access journal that is just taking its first steps.

I can't say that the name impresses me much. It's not the name per se that it the problem, it's that the name is so similar to the journal entitled Polymer. I can certainly see it being an ongoing source of confusion.

I wish the new journal well. The "Special Issues" list looks nice. I wish the "Click Chemistry" issue had a later deadline than January 31, as I would have a good paper to submit if given a few more months. The publisher is MPDI, and they already have 27 other open access journals going, so I think things should go well.


Open Access Journals said...

I heard about polymer. Is this belongs to PLoS. Thank you for sharing this information. Am searching for this polymer for past 2 days.

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