Monday, December 21, 2009

Required Reading

xkcd is right on the mark today. If only this could somehow become permanently implanted into everyone's brains, the world would indeed be a better place. Think of all the endless hype, the mindless news stories, the misplaced research dollars that would be saved.


undooli said...

Hi, your blog is very useful.I'm a chemical engineering student and want to pursue my higher studies in rheology. Could you please give me any suggestions.

John said...

I'd say you are off to a good start being in chemical engineering. (That's my background as well, only I ended up here without any planning.) Despite its importance across so many fields, you can't get a degree in rheology. It's the same way with thermodynamics - so useful across so many fields, but you can't get a degree in it. There aren't job postings for "Rheologists" but for people (engineers, mostly) with experience in rheology. And it's mostly engineers because fluid mechanics is an engineering subject that few "scientists" ever study.

Studying polymers is a good entry point, as is food processing.

Lastly, take as much math as you can handle. The mathematics behind much of rheology is the same mathematics used in Relativity Theory - tensor analysis. Taking the derivative of a vector is trivial; taking the derivative of a tensor is a nightmare.

undooli said...

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