Monday, January 11, 2010

Jim Cramer is Hot on Plastics

As the title states, Jim Cramer is quite bullish on plastics in the immediate future (PolyOne in particular).

For those who don't know who Jim Cramer is, he's a US-based business commentator that is extremely extroverted and opinionated. To me, he's more entertainer than serious commentator or analyst - I feel the same way about the chef Emeril Legasse - but he does have a large following and people do listen to what he says. And just as Emeril says "Bam" to suggest excitement, Cramer also has a one-word phrase to really suggest excitement: "Booyah".

The problem I have with "Booyah" is that it is a word used (and used for far longer than Jim's been using it) in the upper Midwest for a stew. A restaurant that is real close to here advertises for a couple of week ahead of time when they are making it (often with jokes such as "No roadkill this year! We Promise!), and they basically clean out the freezer of leftovers and throw whatever else they think they need to make it taste great. People will line up, toting gallon buckets to bring some home and freeze.

So if Jim Cramer thinks that yelling "Stew!" is going to get people fired up to buy a stock, good for him. I'll eat it instead.

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