Thursday, January 07, 2010

Polymer Production Volumes

Yesterday's post mentioned the most downloaded data sheets in 2009 from IDES database. While I did mention that Lexan held the number one position, I should have also noted that Makrlon (BASF's polycarbonate) was #7 on the list. Also, Cycoloy, the PC/ABS blend from Sabic is at #5.

I'm not sure that I understand why PC is so high on the list, as it is certainly not the largest volume for polymers - PE, PP, PVC, PET, PS. So why so much interest in PC? #2 on the list is Zytel, a nylon 6,6 from Dupont, also not a really large resin.

You can get the complete report and scroll down to the bottom (63 pages) where 16 different resins were all accessed just 1 time. Tisarbon caught my eye as a fun name, and quite surprisingly, it's a PC as well. Another one hanging-on at the bottom of the list is FPD Blue, a fluoroelastomer for use in flat-panel displays (hence the name). That this is here is not surprising as fluoropolymers are definitely low volume.

Both of these polymers are already off to a good start for next year - the fact that I accessed them means they have already been accessed as much this year as last year. 1 more access from a dear reader and they will be up 100% for the year.


Dan said...

I think your previous post answers this by itself.
With all the bis A hubbub, people would have cause to take extra looks at PC data sheets to see if there's anything that might hint whether there's more/less whatever... or for entrepreneurs what properties should be targeted for PC substitutes.

John said...

You do raise a good point - I hadn't thought about all the replacement seekers. I was mainly thinking of all the people in the general public and how they would not be looking at the IDES database. It's way to technical and only provides data. Contrast that with all the blogs that provide emotion, irrational analysis and conclusions therefrom.

Anonymous said...

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