Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The only part of chemistry that I really never cared for (and still don't) is electrochemistry. This video is certainly of interest however. Now I'm curious about how well oranges work compared to lemons, grapefruit...

Measuring the speed of light using a standard microwave oven and chocolate candy.

Given Climategate and other recent recanting, news of Texas suing the EPA over regulation of green-house gases doesn't strike me as being such a Quixotic quest anymore. Note: Back in 2007, the US Supreme Court ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency could consider regulating CO2 and other green house gases. This did not take away from Congress the power to also act on the matter. At that time, Bush was president and decided not to do anything. Ditto for Congress. Under Obama, Congress has attempted to pass laws ("Cap-and-Trade"), but the EPA is also now threatening to act as Congress is moving slowly on the matter. Either way, the suit(s) will eventually end up at the Supreme Court. Given their ability to handle math and other scientific matters so well, it's anyone's guess as to the outcome.

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