Thursday, April 08, 2010

ANTEC Presentation

It is official - I'm presenting at the SPE ANTEC in Orlando. My talk, "Significant Acceleration a UV-Cured Coating" will be Monday, April 17th at 4 PM in Session M21 (Engineering Properties and Structures). No idea about the presentation room just yet. I was hoping to be in the Radiation Processing of Polymers, but there doesn't seem to be any sessions for that group. Not enough interest?

I am quite excited about the talk. As I've mentioned before, I love working with UV light, and I very much enjoy presenting my work to others. This was a nice project that will make a good presentation, even if UV curing isn't your area of work.

Here is a hint of the talk:

A client approached us with a floor coating system that was perfect in every way except one - it took much too long to cure. Accelerating the cure was far, far more difficult than imagined. We threw everything we could think of at it and kept failing. We did finally nail it, delivering a 20x increase of speed, thus disappointing the client who only wanted a 10x increase.

So what was the breakthrough? You'll have to come to the talk to find out.

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