Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10 Things I Like about Polymer Chemistry

  1. Acrylates: You can polymerize them in bulk, suspension, emulsion and solvent, anionically and cationically, and UV or E-Beam or visible curing. What more can you ask for?
  2. Thiol-ene polymers: A/B copolymerization without a condensation reaction
  3. Intrinsic viscosity - that infinite dilution can tell you anything at all about 100% concentration is simply amazing
  4. Styrenic block copolymers - stretchy rubber that you can melt and dissolve over and over again
  5. Dendrimers
  6. The nylon rope trick
  7. Foaming polyurethane, all because of water
  8. Being the career advice of a newly minted "Graduate"
  9. A time-temperature superposition that just covers the shear rates that you needed.
  10. Blown polypropylene film lines. Big ones. Really big ones. One big, shiny, bright bubble slowly moving downhill.

From Chemjobber.

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