Friday, May 07, 2010

99 Plastic Bands on the Wall...

Of course there is the “Plastic Ono Band”, but I also found the following bands, all with "Plastic" somewhere in their names. And I couldn't resist adding some snarky comments too.
  1. Arthur Loves Plastic (Don't we all?)
  2. Bigger Than Plastic
  3. British Plastic (You say polythene and I say polyethylene...)
  4. Deep on Plastic
  5. Discount Plastic Surgery (Never, never a good idea)
  6. Faith in Plastics (In God we Trust, all other pay with plastic)
  7. Facing the Plastic (Is this a torture devised by Dick Cheney?)
  8. Fantastic Plastic Machine (A six-stringed extruder? A resin dryer/bass drum combo?)
  9. Frozen Plastic (Was "Glass Transition" already taken?)
  10. Future in Plastics (What Mr. McGuire promised)
  11. Heavy Plastic (Metal filled, I'm assuming)
  12. Holly and Plastic
  13. Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons
  14. Liquid for Plastics (Nice to see reactive polymers aren't forgotten)
  15. Little Plastic Pilots
  16. Mars Plastic (If NASA is going to look for life on Mars, look for some plastic too!)
  17. More Plastic
  18. My Plastic Jon Benet Doll (Sick, really sick.)
  19. P. Skunk Willy and the Plastic Crumb Toppings
  20. Paper or Plastic (There should be a question mark,right?)
  21. Perfect in Plastic
  22. Pete Plastic
  23. Plastic (Gee, how long did it take you to come up with that name?)
  24. Plastic Angel
  25. Plastic Art Foundation
  26. Plastic Assault
  27. Plastic Avengers
  28. Plastic Babies
  29. Plastic Bag (If a city bans plastic bags, does that apply to this band too?)
  30. Plastic Bastard
  31. Plastic Bertrand

  32. Plastic Birds (Such as Pink Flamingos?)

  33. Plastic Bob (Any relation to Pete? (#22 on this list))

  34. Plastic Boy

  35. Plastic Chord (Is it the lost one the Moody Blues were looking for)

  36. Plastic City Play

  37. Plastic Clock Radio

  38. Plastic Cloud (What you get when there is an explosion by the hoppers)

  39. Plastic Constellations (such as the Big Hopper and the Little Hopper)

  40. Plastic Crimewave Sound (There's a lot of bands on this list that fit that description)

  41. Plastic D'Amour

  42. Plastic Dog

  43. Plastic Eaters (Happily munching on all those new biodegradable plastics)

  44. Plastic Fantastic

  45. Plastic Fruit

  46. Plastic Happiness

  47. Plastic Heroes

  48. Plastic Jesus (As with "Plastic", not much thought here)

  49. Plastic Joe

  50. Plastic Lite

  51. Plastic Little

  52. Plastic Love (The English version of "Plastic D'Amour")

  53. Plastic Mastery (Something we should all be seeking)

  54. Plastic Mode

  55. Plastic Nebraska

  56. Plastic Noise Experience

  57. Plastic Operator

  58. Plastic Orgasm People (Not Safe for the Work Place)

  59. Plastic Palace Alice

  60. Plastic Pals

  61. Plastic Parachute

  62. Plastic Park

  63. Plastic Parts Band

  64. Plastic Penny

  65. Plastic People of the Universe (Seriously, these guys were/are still very good. And Powerful.)

  66. Plastic Pioneers ("We've got Flory up front, Natta on lead, Carothers on bass, and you gotta see Staudinger on drums!")

  67. Plastic Princess

  68. Plastic Rose

  69. Plastic Saints

  70. Plastic Septet

  71. Plastic Shapes

  72. Plastic Soul Band

  73. Plastic Sound

  74. Plastic Soy Sauce ("Waiter, there's plastic in my soy sauce")

  75. Plastic Submarine (Yellow, perhaps?)

  76. Plastic Surgery (Again, so original)

  77. Plastic Surprise

  78. Plastic Theatre Art

  79. Plastic Toys

  80. Plastic Tree

  81. Plastic Venus

  82. Plastic Voice

  83. Plastic Wooden Fruit ("Wood-Polymer Composite" is the correct term)

  84. Plastic Zoo

  85. Plastics (Please, put some thought into your band name!)
  86. Plastics Hi-Fi

  87. Pull's Plastic Playground

  88. Red Plastic Bag

  89. Red Plastic Buddha

  90. Social Plastic

  91. Static and Plastic Dust

  92. Suddenly Plastic

  93. Super Elastic Bubble Plastic

  94. Susan Gilbert and Plastic Duck

  95. Tracy and the Plastics

  96. Vibralux Mercury Mad and the Plastic Bitches

  97. Wicked Plastic

  98. Yazz and the Plastic Population

  99. Yolanda and the Plastic Family

I don't own a single album or song by any of these bands.

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