Wednesday, June 09, 2010

More Mexican Chemical Thievery

Last week I wrote about the theft of resins trucks in Mexico. Now comes this report of theft of natural gas condensate, the byproducts of natural gas purification consisting of heavy hydrocarbons (both linear and aromatic) and various sulfur compounds.

From the report:
"...Pemex says that since 2006, it has had $300 million worth of natural gas condensate, a liquid hydrocarbon byproduct of natural gas production, stolen from its Burgos Field in northern Mexico. At times, Pemex says, thieves took in as much as 40% of the condensate production from the field, raiding 52 transfer and delivery systems spread through the area. They also hijacked condensate shipments at gunpoint."

Again, I'm flabbergasted that anyone would steal such low grade chemicals, particularly if force is needed.

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