Friday, July 16, 2010

No Death Knell for PVC

Think PVC might be dropping in useage, going the way of the dinosaurs, adios, good riddance? Think again. Plastics and Rubber Weekly is reporting on the groundbreaking of the world's largest PVC plant - 330,000 tpa with possible expansion to 500,000 tpa. Just think of all the plasticizers that are going to be needed, and lubricants and heat stabilizers and... everything else I've ranted on in the past.

Curiously (at least to uninformed me) the plant will be located near Nizhny Novgorod (previously known as Gorky), about a couple hours east of Moscow. I'm wondering where the customers will be. That is an odd spot to be supplying China, India or anywhere in Asia. If the smaller European states were a target, I would have thought it would be built west of Moscow. But since Sibur (a Russian company), Solvay and BASF are involved, I'm sure they have thought things out.

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