Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A New Option for Accessing Research - Renting

A problem every researcher faces is accessing published research. Most articles are only accessible by either subscription or a pay-per-view fee. Now there is a third option - "renting". I've only seen this at the AIP site, but for a fee much lower than the total purchase price, you can have limited access to an article, meaning you can
"Read full-text of an article for up to 24 hours for as little as $0.99. Rented articles can only be viewed at DeepDyve and cannot be downloaded, printed or shared. Basic DeepDyve accounts, which can be set up at no cost, come with 3 free rentals to allow readers to preview the functionality and presentation of rented articles."
Depending on the article, this could be useful, although I don't see that I would personally use it much. I can live without the printing/saving option most likely, but the 24 hour access would be the real challenge for me. There are very few articles that I look at just once. Even if I am using an article for a current project (as opposed to something that is of general value), I usually can't pull all the relevant details with just one look - I keep going back to articles as my knowledge advances.

You can find out more at the DeepDyve site.


Materialist said...

This could be useful for things like ASTM standards - where you're looking for just a couple of numbers, or other cases where you'd like to try-before-you-buy an article.
That said, outside of expensive market reports, the transaction costs would only make sense for freelancers and tiny firms.

Anonymous said...

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