Thursday, August 19, 2010

Updating Your Resume

In most companies, if your manager told you to update your resume, that would not be a good sign. Either the company is going under, you're losing your job, the company is being sold...

The situation is quite the opposite here in a contract R & D company [*]. When trying to sign up new clients, the clients will often ask to see the resumes of the people that will be doing the work. As a result, our managers tell us quite often to update our resumes, not because we will be working elsewhere soon but because we could be receiving more work soon.

[*] A term used quite a bit in the pharma industry for a company such as our is a "contract research organization", quite commonly abbreviated as CRO. I've been trying for years to figure our if CRO is a term with a legal definition for the FDA or not (would we have to be registered, undergo audits...). It would be nice to advertise ourselves as a CRO if that is not the case.

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