Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Strange Connection (if it even exists)

The blog "How Cocaine Destroys Lives" (subtitled "True Stories about how Cocaine Destroys Lives") seems to be blog that is accurately devoted to its title.

But there is a recent post there that makes me either question my intelligence (already doing this on a daily/hourly basis when I am awake) or my sobriety (as in maybe this would make sense if I was taking cocaine). The post? "Addicted to Plastics".

Anyone see the connection? Anyone? Anyone?


TheStephenation said...

This doesn't seem to be an actual blog. None of the content I've seen in a quick perusal seems like real blog posts. It actually looks like it's being generated automatically by being pulled from some other sources, although I have no idea as to the method or the reason for this.

Frank Van Haste said...

Responding to TheStephenation's comment...

My guess is that the auto-generated site is one of a hundred or so "micro-niche" targeted sites owned by some net entrepreneur, created for the sole purpose of attracting traffic to the adverts. It costs next to nothing to set these up and if the owner can get $10/week in click-thru fees from each site he's making a pretty good living.


John said...

Can I safely assume that the "" that the Stephenation was referring to was the Cocaine Addiction blog and not the "Rheo Thing"?

I can certainly see people finding the writing on this blog boring, dull, unimaginative and any of 100's of horrible abuses of language, but autogenerated?

TheStephenation said...

Yes, I meant the cocaine one, not this one! I like this blog.