Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Calling Mr. Murphy...

Or maybe calling this hindsight bias would be better.

From ChemInfo
"The head of Royal Dutch Shell says that his company would never have made the mistakes that led to BP's devastating Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

[Shell CEO Peter] Voser told an oil conference in London on Tuesday that from what he knows today "Shell clearly would have drilled this well in a different way and would have had more options to prevent the accident from happening."
I have no doubt that BP and its subs did a number of things wrong, but for someone to say that their company is in all ways better? How can someone get to be CEO and never have learned that people don't always follow the SOP? Or that unexpected things will just happen despite your best efforts to prevent it? This guy better be hoping and praying that nothing bad happens on the remainder of his watch. Eating crow is never tasty, and crow with spilled oil on it would be that much worse.

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