Friday, October 08, 2010

What is Resin and What is Plastic?

I'm certainly not going to answer that question. If I'm going to get into something controversial, I'll take on the glass transition.

But the people over at PlasticsToday are more willing. One of the posted comments:
I had an instructor (retired now) who single handedly tried to correct the culture but even material suppliers use the term "resin" for their polymers. I’m part of his cult. The cult of the polymer people. Resin is sticky and we don’t like to work with it. Just say “NO” to resin (unless you manufacture gloves and harvest latex from rubber trees).
There's always the new viewpoint too: Resin is the Mayor of Moscow. (Were he to join the communist party, would people stop using the term "resin" much like swastikas are no longer used? Before the Nazi's used the symbol, it was commonplace and considered a good luck symbol.)

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