Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Hole Entropy, Loop Gravity, and Polymer Physics

I didn't invent that title, I am only reprinting it. And no, I do not understand it. Black holes I understand (or I think I understand them as much as a non-physicist can), but I have no idea what loop gravity is - the best I would guess would be the force you feel in centrifugal acceleration on the Rotor ride at an amusement park.

Somehow the author of the paper is able to establish an equivalency between the counting of the microstates in a black hole and the statistical mechanics of a polymer chain, and even another relationship between a rotating black hole and an elongated polymer. Please feel free to read the paper yourself. I certainly recognize the statistical mechanic equations from polymer science, but nothing of the black holes or loop gravity formulae.

Every once in a while [here and here] I've posted on weird connections between polymers, rheology and modern physics. This is probably one of the more practical applications -- if you consider black hole entropy to be a practical problem!


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