Monday, December 06, 2010

A Very Minor Milestone

Sometime over the weekend, visitor # 10,000 [*] came by. As you can see from the log, it was someone (or something?) from MIT.
10,000 visitors in a little over a year. What's the next big mark, 100,000? Depending on whether the numbers take a linear or exponential growth, that could take 1 - 5 years. Or it may never happen. A linear growth pattern would reflect the continued poor quality of the writing and that the blog is merely taking up more space, while the exponential writing would also indicate that the writing is no better, only that more people are finding it and passing it along to others as "here's what you don't want to do".

[*] This number isn't very accurate as I started the counter only last October and the blog goes back a number of years before that, albeit with much less vim and vigor. It is also totally blind to anyone using a reader to follow this blog and those people would certainly be the most regular readers of the blog. So there are no "lucky customer" prized for being #10,000.

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Eric F. Brown said...

Congratulations, and best of luck on achieving that exponential growth.