Thursday, February 03, 2011

Aspen Research is Dead! Long Live Aspen Research!

Breaking News:
"February 3, 2011
To Our Valued Customers and Partners:
I am pleased to announce that Aspen Research Corp. has finalized a sale agreement with Aspen Acquisition Corp. (AAC), a local investor group made up of very experienced and successful business professionals. We have been working with AAC for several months and are extremely excited to have completed this transaction with them. It is clear to me and to all of us here that they have a deep appreciation for this organization, its mission and its many talented associates. This transaction will greatly enhance our ability to develop and deliver unique solutions to you. In the days and weeks ahead, we will communicate more about the exciting opportunities that are unfolding.

Your experience working with us will not change. Our name remains the same, as does our physical location and our professional team. We will continue to deliver sound science and cutting edge technical solutions. However, we want you to know that during a brief period from Friday afternoon (February 4) until Tuesday morning (February 8) you might experience temporary phone and e-mail interruptions during the switch-over of our telecommunications and Internet services.
During this period, if you cannot reach us and need to speak to someone immediately please call (651) 436-1340 or email us at

On February 7th our new main phone number will be (651) 842-6100 and our fax will be (651) 842-6199. All the e-mail addresses will be the same as they are today. We will send out more contact information once our technical transition is completed.

For 25 years, Aspen Research Corp. has delivered customized research, product and material solutions to meet the needs of our customers. We thank you for your continued support during this new and exciting time. We look forward to speaking with you about your needs now and in the future."
While I've never been threw a spin-off before, I can state that we are all pretty amped about this - there is real excitement in my colleagues. It would be endless fun to publish a vitriolic spree on all the examples of poor stewardship provided by our previous owners, but what's the point? [*] The new guys are already spending money on new equipment and see the potential value that all of us here have seen for decades, so it seems like a great match. It's time to fly!

As you read, internet connectivity might be spotty for me for a few days and so it might be for blogging too. The most important question to me is: will we get a new logo?

[*] It's also been amazing to me how many clients have expressed concern that we were owned by Andersen, despite there truly being a full arm's length between us (and 14 miles of terrain!). As part of the sale, we can't do any fenestration work for 2 years, so sorry to Marvin, Pella and all the others. We'll be in touch in 2013.

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Eric F. Brown said...

Glad to hear that the change in ownwership is a happy one. Good luck with your new overlords.