Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ANTEC 2011 - I'll be closing the place down

Ah, Spring in Minnesota, time when an old polymer engineer's thoughts turn to ANTEC. I'm a little disappointed that my upcoming talk at ANTEC (Boston) will be at 3:30 on Wednesday, May 5 4, the last day of the conference. Hopefully someone will still be there besides the cleaning crews looking at their watches. It could be worse; I could be talking at 4:30. Anyway, here's the title and abstract of the talk:
Preparation of a UV-Cured, UV-Absorbing Coating "Creating UV-cured coating containing UV-absorbing materials is akin to getting a suntan while wearing sunscreen. Despite this contradiction, we did just that. Motivated by concerns over CO2 emissions and economics, we sought to replace a solvent-based, UV-absorbing coating with an equivalent UV-cured formulation. This was ultimately achieved through creative formulation efforts. Besides being solvent-free and non-flammable, the coating is processed on equipment with a significantly smaller footprint than the older equipment. An additional unexpected benefit of the new formulation was that the viscosity was significantly lower. This allowed for a significant reduction in coat weight, further reducing the overall costs."
If any readers make it there, please introduce yourselves; I'd love to meet some of you in person. My typical modus operandi is to talk for 20 minutes, take questions at the podium for 5 minutes, and then leave the room to talk further just outside the room. I find this works well as many people don't want to ask questions in the large room (I can imagine many legitimate reasons for this). It's also possible that Aspen will be taping the internal practice sessions and posting them on YouTube like we've done in the past. Consider them as bootleg tapes!

Update: The talk is on the 4th!

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