Monday, April 25, 2011

The New BioPlastics Symbol

I had blogged late last year about Cereplast's contest to design a simple icon to indicate that an item was made from bioplastics.

The winner of the contest has been announced:According to Plastics Today, it was designed by Laura Howard, a graphic design student.

I like the symbol for a number of reasons. First, it is simple which in my mind was essential. This is not just because simplicity can be communicative, but also because this design has to be molded into the item. The green leaves are pretty much essential as well (in order to communicate the "bio" base) but I also like the benzene ring - or call it a hexagon if you are chemophobic - which suggests the technical aspects of the plastic as well.

It's a good design and I hope it is adopted quickly by all.

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Eric F. Brown said...

This is an excellent design, and so simple that someone like me might think I could come up with a similar idea.