Monday, April 18, 2011

Packaging Tape as Art Media

One more than one occasion I've discussed art in this blog [*], particularly when the media is polymeric based. Artists have shown excessive creativity not only in their product, but also in their choice of media. Now granted, my post today is about the results of a contest that was sponsored by the manufacturer of a certain material, so it is not surprising then that the artists actually used that media, but the outcomes are certainly wonderful to look at. The media was packaging tape, and the sponsor was 3M. Here is the winning entry:

More pictures are available at the PR site. And here's a site revealing some of the magician's secrets. My suggestion would be to use a minimal amount of tape if you are looking for the clear look. More layers will trap more air and make it cloudy, although that could certainly be appropriate if you are looking for that effect.

[*] Just wait until you see my upcoming ANTEC talk. There's going to be art everywhere! (My bosses have promised a bootleg video of the practice session if you can't make it to Boston.)

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