Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Reason for Resin

My wife and I bought some plastic Adirondack chairs this weekend to replace the old ones that were falling apart. There was a neat little sticker on the chairs:I really like the saying - "The Reason for Resin - 100% Recyclable", so much so that I was deeply disappointed to find that it is trademarked! No one else can use it, which is really a letdown as I can see it catching on across the entire polymer industry. Even licensing it is probably out of the question as it is a trademark, not a patent.

The chairs are made of polypropylene (PP), which certainly is recyclable, but I'm not so sure that these chairs would be that easy to recycle. They are big, so they would have to be cut into pieces just to fit into whatever collection bins are being used, but I could only see the PP-5 code in one location, so if the chairs are cut up, most of the pieces would then become unidentified.

It is also my understanding that PP is not widely recycled, although given the huge increases in PP pricing as of late (another story for another day), I could certainly seeing that changing, and quickly at that.

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