Monday, May 23, 2011

This is underwhelming, really underwhelming

Where is the news in this?
"Dow Makes Energy from Recycled Plastic

Pilot Test Successfully Demonstrates Ultimate End-of-Life Option for Recycled Plastic

The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW) announced today that it has successfully demonstrated the use of recycled plastic to generate energy. The successful pilot test measured how plastic that has been reused and recycled to the full extent possible can be used as fuel for an ultimate end-of-life option instead of going to a landfill for disposal."
So let me see if I am missing anything: Dow took plastic, burned it and found that they made (released) energy in this process. What a clever idea! Wow, those chemists are so smart! Who would have thought that burning plastics can give off energy? I wonder if people could do this with other materials, such as wood? Is somebody going to patent this?

Psst! I don't want to burst Dow's bubble, but most of the trash (plastic and otherwise) generated in the Twin Cities is burned in one of two (1, 2) facilities here that then generate electricity from the heat.


Anonymous said...

Dow will patent themselves on the back for just about anything. "Reheated coffee still tastes OK... we've recycled coffee and saved it from the landfill."

John said...

"...patent themselves on the back..."

Quite a clever concept (for a typo). I love it.