Thursday, August 18, 2011

Names for Biobased Polymers

Since bio-based polymers are the rage, we need new terms to properly describe them, right? So here are my suggestions. If you feel like commenting, let me warn you that I already have donned my flameproof suit with self-contained breathing apparatus so I can hold out for quite some time.

  • Yesterday, you saw my suggestion for the block copolymer made from mad cow parts - "block cowpolymers"
  • If a similar approach is taken to chicken feathers, they could be "flock copolymers"
  • Continuing with the barnyard animals, a polymer made from female horses could be a polymare
  • Polymers made from epoxidized mushrooms could be "polyethylene mycol" (mycology is the study of fungi)
  • Polymers made from reacting diols, diisocyanates and urine could be "polyurineates"
  • Polymers made from diamines, diisocyanates could be "polydiarrheas"
  • Polymers made from ethylene glycol, terephthalic acid and birds nests could be "polynesters"
Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen, I'm in town all week. Be sure to tip your servers...

And if anyone is tempted to tell me not to quit the day job...this is my day job - making polymers from a wide range of biomaterials.

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Eric F. Brown said...

Parrot-based systems could be "poly-wanta-crackers."