Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Plastics are Forever Jewelry

"Plastic is Forever", that battle cry which in the past has been the exclusive domain of environmentalists and artists, now has apparently added a jeweler to the effort.(O.k., fine, they changed the tagline to "Plastics are Forever")

I say apparently, as the remainder of the ad is so tongue-in-cheek that you begin to suspect that this is a gag gift.
You want to get a special gift, something that will last the test of time, something that demonstrates you care, and that you will care forever. Precious, rare, and synthetic, give the gift of plastic garbage to your special someone. Haha. 5 Gyres has partnered with designer Katelin Gibbs a New York jewelry designer who has designed these beautiful pieces to help support our work at 5 Gyres. The pieces are made from pre-production plastic pellets (nurdles) and actual micro-fragments of plastic collecting in the South Pacific Gyre. 25% of sales go directly to support our work fighting plastic pollution in the world's oceans. Thank you so much Katelin! (emphasis added)
Additionally, there is no information on pricing or ordering.

As I've mentioned before, this jewelry will not last forever or anywhere close to it. The oxygen in the atmosphere will degrade the polymers, aided by the sunlight and ozone, leaving the owner with having to explain that plastics really are not forever.

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