Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Strange Graphical Abstract

In general, I like graphical abstracts in the Table of Contents for journals. although I think most of them are not too helpful. Looking at a plot - specifically trying to decipher the small labels on the axis to deduce what relationship is being shown - is not quicker than just reading/scanning the title of the article. The graphical abstract shown below however, bothers me in an entirely different manner.
Cartoon hands?

I haven't read the article (reading the abstract does not convince me it's worth the effort) but the authors found a relationship between the persistence length of their polymer family and the extinction coefficient. That's fine and nice. So are they trying to show with the cartoon drawing that these two variables go "hand-in-hand"?


Gavin said...

There's a website dedicated to highlighting such craziness!


John said...

Thanks for reminding me. I'll submit it and see what happens.

Eric F. Brown said...

One does not need a reason to put jazz hands into a paper. The world needs more jazz hands!

Thesis Writing said...

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