Thursday, September 15, 2011

Follow Up on Yesterday's Post

Curiously, there were a couple of post yesterday on other blogs that relate closely to what I mentioned yesterday.

First, Don Loepp at the Plastics News blog discusses (and thereby amplifies my point) that passing resin increases on is not easily done.

Second, the "In the Hopper", SPI blog has a video about how PET bottles are reused in the rural areas of the Philippines and Brazil as an affordable skylight.

Lastly, here is my personal opinion about single-use plastics, be it shopping bags, water bottles,... Use your head. When you are done with the plastic bag/bottle/container, THROW IT IN THE TRASH, where it belongs, or in a recycling bin or keep it and resuse it... but dispose of it properly. Plastic in the environment is there because people put it there (directly or indirectly). Oil in the Gulf of Mexico? Sorry, but some of that is naturally there. Plastic in the Gulf of Mexico? There is nothing natural about it at all. If all the plastic were disposed of properly, I'd be blogging about something else and all these silly bans on plastic bags wouldn't be occurring.

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