Monday, October 31, 2011

10 Halloween Scares for Polymer People

Let's hope that nobody sees these frightful creatures around their business today:
  1. ISO Auditors
  2. FDA Auditors!
  3. EPA Auditors!!
  4. Tax Auditors!!!
  5. Your resin supplier with their latest price monthly increase
  6. Environmentalists telling you that they are gathering a petition to put you out of business
  7. The manufacturing director telling you about the mishap over the weekend that bent the screw shafts and that replacement parts have a 4 week lead
  8. The research director telling you about the mishap in the lab over the weekend, which led to the sprinklers going off which led to...
  9. The sales director telling you that your largest client is going to 90 days net, and not because they want to, but because the bankruptcy court ordered it
  10. The government with a $500 million loan because they believe your company is something the country needs to invest in
Stephan King has nothing over this list.

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Eric F. Brown said...

Layoff notices.