Friday, November 18, 2011

An All Plastic Road Bridge

I've been wanting to write about Axion International for some time, ever since I saw a military tank driving across a plastic bridge that they made. And not just any plastic, but recycled plastic. That was back this summer if I recall correctly. But now Axion has announced that one of their bridges will be used on a public road here in the US. This may seem like a risky proposition, but as I already mentioned, the military has used these bridges as well as railroads, so automotive traffic should be a non-issue. The low maintenance issues will be a definite benefit in a northern state such as Maine (I'm assuming that they use salt on their roads in the wintertime as we do here in Minnesota).

The Axion International website multiple videos showing their bridges in action. Assuming that the product performs (no reason to be otherwise), the use of these bridges will only continue to grow.

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