Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Aspen Research has Left the Building

Yesterday the last truck arrived with all the goodies from our old building. We are now officially moved and located at our lovely new building, 8401 Jefferson Highway in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Having left the city of White Bear Lake, we no longer have to explain that we are so far north that we have white bears. "Maple Grove" is just another generic suburban name that needs no explanation (Wikipedia lists over a dozen cities in the US and Canada with the name. I've never seen a disambigulation page listing further diambigulations, have you?) Now it's just a matter of hooking everything back up, reclaiming the chair and desks and file cabinets and ... that others are squatting on, and away we go. The computer network is fine (YES!), the offices are nicely finished (the nicest cubicles I've ever seen) and significantly bigger than what we had before. How small were our old cubicles you say? Let's just say that Aspen Research was a leading the charge on nanotechnology 20 years ago.

With the whole operation of unpacking everything and putting it all in new places, you do get to look at all the stuff anew and rediscover some things, decide other things are no longer worth keeping and yet other items are going to be dealt with differently than before. It's all good.

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Paul said...

What a trip its been. Everyone made the journey and no equipment ("capabilities") were lost/broken. In fact Aspen seems to have gained quite a bit in the transition. Looking forward to many more years of collaboration with you John!