Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Still Moving

Posting has been slow, especially compared to the number of boxes I've been filling this week.

For those who missed the post last week, Aspen Research is on the move to a new, bigger-and-better location. But is all comes at a price. Mr. Client, we won't be running your sample this week.

In the process, we've all learned a few things.
  • Nothing gets chemists to stop bench work and start packing like shutting down their hoods.
  • A hydraulic lift table
    is fabulous for sliding heavy lab equipment off the bench and then onto a pallet. Don't move without one.
  • I need to go through all the papers I've collected over the years and toss some of them. At the same time, some of them definitely need to be reread (and blogged about).
  • Everybody is all wrong about zombies. When they are wandering about, they are NOT looking for "Brains!", but internet connectivity. When we lose ours on Friday PM, you're going to see 42 lost people wandering around with their computers looking for "Internets!" If we were to become zombies, why would you expect us to behave any different?
After a week of this effort, we are making headway. Stuff is disappearing from the staging areas and into trucks faster than it is being replaced. People are starting to straddle between the two buildings. Off we go.


Terry said...

Hi John,

Been reading for a few weeks now and am loving the blog, very interesting stuff.

We're rapidly approaching a lab move, other lab mates seem confident that it'll be "quick and easy", somehow, they are not the words that spring to my mind!

Keep up the good work!


materialsdave said...

The hydraulic table looks sooo useful -- I wish we had one when I was in the lab.

(Apologies for the double post, couldn't figure out how to edit.)