Thursday, April 05, 2012

Bicycles and Bicyclic Molecules

Long time readers will know that I passionately follow bicycle racing [*]. Today over at The Chemistry Blog, I have a guest post there where you get to see what I think about when I see a bicyclic molecule. Just a hint of what you'll find: when I raced bicycles, I was involved in lots of crashes that busted open lots of wheels. I'm not racing anymore, but I'm still thinking about busting open wheels and other circular objects.


Juan Ramón González Álvarez said...

I will add your beautiful molecular bicycle :-) to the molecular basket, molecular rotor, molecular wheel on an axis, and molecular two links of a chain (catenate) [1].

[1] See the section Chemists' Fascination with Molecules that 'Look' like Ordinary Objects in the paper Foundations of Chemistry 8(1), 53-72.

Juan Ramón González Álvarez said...

Sorry I forgot the year of the publication: Foundations of Chemistry 2006: 8(1), 53-72.