Tuesday, May 08, 2012

At Least I Didn't Invent Clamshell Packaging

My post last week about the seals on potato chip bags had an overwhelming response [1] around the world (The US, Spain, and Australia for starters). I'm surprised, as I wrote it mainly to talk about heat sealing of polymer films, but everyone seems to have liked the idea of having someone to hate for the difficulty in opening the bags, and so...I'm infamous.

Peter Farquhar of news.com.au in Australia did a email Q & A with me, which he then turned into another online article [2]. And yes, I am glad I've had nothing to do with clamshell packaging, as that is on my top-10 list of worst plastic inventions ever.

[1] Over 38,000 hits on that page alone. That's as many as I had for all of last year for the entire blog.

[2] What a bad picture. I'm far older and worse looking than that nowadays.

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Eric F. Brown said...

Congratulations. I thought it was a great post.