Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I Hate Scale-Up

I hate scale-up. Going from the lab, where temperature is controlled with the twist of a wrist or a few clicks on the keyboard to big hunking pieces of metal, where calling for a temperature change in the equipment is no more difficult than in the lab, but the time to enact that change to occur is now an different matter, one that is a negotiation between the thermal capacities and diffusivities of the heating equipment and also with some convective heat transfer coefficients thrown in for good measure. There is lots of standing around and waiting (and little time for blogging).

Of course, scale-up is necessary as it is the knothole through which entry into all-hallowed production is ultimately achieved with its potential for making the company money. And it also is an source of internal happiness as it means that the bench efforts were successful enough to merit further effort. But I still hate it.


Beth said...

Yes, and it's not like you can just let someone else do it. You have to be there for problems and to notice the one thing that was different than expected that no manufacturing guy is going to write down or that they take for granted but will save you months of work trying to figure out where the variation in the finished product came from because you were actually THERE.

I never liked the standing around part of scale-up either.

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