Thursday, June 07, 2012

100,000 Visits

Sometime in the middle of the night while sleeping, the Sitemeter counter at the bottom of the page hit a milestone - 100,000 visits - since it was installed. (Go ahead, click on the meter and you can see what I see about the visitors to this blog.)

What is the big headscratcher for me however, is the search terms used to find this blog:
"skilled and educational people and their contribution towards country"
This visitor from India looked at 2 pages for a total of 11 seconds and decided that I don't fit that description. (Most people reach that decision in less time than that.) It doesn't help that the page he first visited is the one where I (mockingly) note all the contributions of the late Kim Jong-Il to polymer science.

Thanks to all 100,000 who have visited here - I appreciate everyone of you.


Brandon said...


Any plans for more posts like the lab PPE fashion piece? It was hilarious.

John said...

Not on your life. You can't believe how many spam comments I'm getting now for sites selling 5- and 6-inch heels.