Tuesday, June 05, 2012

A New Industry Group to Fight Plastic Phobia

Ho hum, yet another article on plastic phobia and the response of the plastics industry to it. The headline reads "New Group Aims to Clear Plastics' Name", and the article lists some of the usual causes for the public to dislike plastic so much:
"“Some unlawful businesses have damaged the reputation of the plastics industry in their profiteering. Combined with the lack of effective regulatory efforts, it has resulted in a trust crisis among consumers,” Yang said. In addition, because consumers generally lack deep knowledge of plastics and are bombarded with misleading, anti-plastics media reports, plastics has been demonized."
The only reason I mention this article however, is that this new plastics industry group is not here in the US or even in Europe, but in China. I wish this new Chinese plastics group the best of luck in their efforts. If the irrational fear of plastics driving this is the same as it is here and in Europe, they will need all the luck they can get.

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