Friday, July 13, 2012

Open Access Polymer Journals and Other Links

The posts this week have (unexpectedly) been entirely about open access, so I might as well finish it up that same way.

A reader of this blog, Dr. Maria Bellantone, who is a senior editor at Springer of a number of European Physical Journals (EPJ) and other journals, pointed out to me that her publisher has a monthly highlighted EPJ article which is free to read for that month. The "E" edition (Soft Matter and Biological Physics) would be of the greatest interests to readers of this blog. This link has a summary of those articles as well as the links to the articles. (Shhh! It seems like some of the older links still work. Hurry before anyone notices and shuts them down.)

I've promised in the past to try and keep readers up to date about articles that are free to read for limited time periods, but I've not done a good job. Here's to trying to improve on that effort.

I've also located a number of open access journals that are entirely or partially devoted to polymer science. I've given the links below, but will also add them to the "Free Access..." page too.


Express Polymer Letters

International Journal of Polymer Science

The Open Macromolecules Journal

Polymeri: Plastics and Rubber Journal


These journals were located via the Directory of Open Access Journals


Slawomir said...

Thanks for the EPJ idea. I found some interesting articles (about behavior of complex systems) and the pdfs of all of them were available on arxiv. If only folks who publish in ACS journals were that generous...

Markus Gahleitner said...

Well, only three of these journals are really free (nearly a pun ...) - the others get their money via publishing fees.