Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The 7 Worst Things Made From Plastics - Ever!

Things that never should have been made. A whole lot polymers died in vain over this stuff. These are items that are clearly and forever awful with no redeeming qualities at all. There are easily more horrible products made from plastics out there - Britney Spears CDs for instance - but I made a judgment call that the pox those CD's induced on humanity was probably offset by all the wonderful music also recorded on CDs, leaving CDs as an over positive product. The following 7 items however, do not have any such redeeming qualities and are pure evil:

7) The Leisure Suit. The Horror! The Horror! For the younger readers, back in the dark ages (the 1970s) men actually wore these to bars looking to pick up women.
6) The Dipr, a plastic tool for dipping sandwich cookies in milk. If your fingers work well enough to put the cookie on the Dipr, they work well enough for you to not need it.
5) The orginal PLA-based bag for Sun Chips. When you have a Facebook page devoted to hating your product's packaging, you're in trouble.
4) Clamshell packaging. When packaging leads to a new social condition - "Wrap Rage" - you're in trouble.
3) The Happy Hot Dog Man. Can't you just do this with a knife? Even a plastic knife would work.
2) Expanded polystyrene (aka Styrofoam) peanuts. Maybe a nice dose of an antistatic coating would help make them more tolerable, but even that is doubtful.
1) The Vuvuzela.

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