Monday, October 29, 2012

More Open Access articles in Polymers and Rheology

Here's a couple of rather significant chances to access the literature, but these are limited time offers, so act fast.

First up, the AIP is offering access to their publications for the time period 1999 to present. Unfortunately, the access is only until October 31, so move fast. The complete list of journal titles is available here. There are a good number of rheology and polymers articles in Applied Physics Letters and others - you just have to search around a little bit.

Springer is being a quite bit more generous with not only the time range of article available, but also the access window. It seems that for select journals, the entire archive is available until November 30. The list of available journal titles is here. Some of the more relevant journals for readers of this blog are So get reading! [*] This journal goes back to 1907 when it was originally published in German under the name Zeitschift fuer Chemie und Industrie der Kolloid. Gradually over the decades it not only started publishing articles in English, but also even articles about polymers, becoming Kolloid Zeitschrift, Zeitschrift fuer Polymere somewhere along the line, a journal title that I can still type in my sleep as "Kolloid-Z. u. Z. Polymere", having done it endless times in my dissertation.

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