Thursday, January 10, 2013


Yes, polymers made from avocados. Just another example of:
  1. the creativity of chemists
  2. everyday things (including food) being made of chemicals
  3. turning waste into treasure
As I've said before, making plastic (or any other chemical) from something besides petroleum may appear miraculous to non-chemists, but no one else. The real miracle in my mind, is making them from petroleum. That sticky, goopy mess that we have to dig down tens of thousands of feet to find doesn't suggest to my mind feedstock for plastics or chemicals.

So if the avocados are certified as organic, does that mean the polymer is Organic-Organic? Double organic? O-squared?

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Anonymous said...

With all the Mexican and TexMex restaurants (not including Taco Bell and variants) in the US, we ought to try it here, too. It would work here in Chicago, for sure.