Thursday, March 14, 2013

University Customs vs. Business Customs

This is just a couple of tidbits about how the the rules and expectation in a university setting are the opposite of the the business world. Keeping in mind that the students are the customers and the professors are employees:
  • At a business, employees need to park further out in the lot or even in back so that customers can park near the entrance, while at a university, the professors have reserved spots nearest the buildings and the customers need to park farther away.
  • At a business, the customers never complain about receiving too much product, while at a university, students always complain about lectures going too long.


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Olsen said...
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Anonymous said...

well, not for all students such a "product" as knowledge due to long lectures is acceptable, despite the fact that not all lectures justify the student's expectations on a particular topic, although there are a lot of auxiliary resources for the student

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