Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Over the Top

Can you fill in the blank about what is this most dangerous and deadliest of all human creations:
"________ will prove the worst, most insidious invention of humanity. ________ kill everything and anything in their path on all four corners of the planet. ________ kill without violence, without warning and without provocation. Of all of humanity’s folly on this green planet, ________ take the trophy for man’s inhumanity to all other life on Earth."
Is it guns? Bombs? Nuclear weapons? Chemical weapons? Warfare in general? Global warming? Nope. None of the above. The author of that quote believes that plastics are worse than all of those.

Is there any point to responding in any fashion?

Source. I altered the quote by leaving out the line "Plastics float, sink and never break down." as it is a dumb, contradictory statement that is pretty irrelevant to the author's main point. It also would have made it easier to guess that "plastics" was the answer. As if you wouldn't have guess that anyway. This is a blog about plastics after all.

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