Friday, August 30, 2013

The Week that Snowballed Away from Me

Some weeks can be seen as nothing more than a snowball [*] rolling down hill, picking up more speed and size with each turn. This was one of those weeks. A small incident first thing Monday morning disrupted my expectations for the week as that incident delayed something planned for later in Monday, which then affect Tuesday, and then Wednesday and...and so here were are on Friday. A whole week has past and nothing has been posted, except this. My apologies to anyone looking for my thoughts on polymers and rheology. Next week should be better. At the very least, Monday won't disrupt Tuesday since it is a holiday for us in the US - Labor Day - the equivalency of May Day for most of the world, except that May day has historically been seen as too closely aligned with the large May Day celebrations of the former Soviet Republics.

Enjoy the weekend safely (regardless of its duration).

[*] I intentionally used the word "snowball" as the very existence of snow right now in Minnesota is preposterous. We have had record or near record highs all week long with heat indices over 100.

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