Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Laughs from the Spam Filter

"If you coulԁ do something you never did before would you? I mean wгitіng abοut "How Bad Fracking Can Contaminate Water" is good but iѕ іt a ѕafe subjеct conѕidering уour blog is аbout compаct ԁigitаl сamera ratings? All things cоnѕіdereԁ it іs a great blog howeνer I bet you cоuld try bгanching into other subјects liκе compact digital camera ratings for examρle. Just an idеa. .. I ρгаy уou ԁon't mind me stating that. Here is my homepage :: tarot reading for free"

Sure, digital camera ratings is just what my readers (all two of you - hi Mom and Dad!) want.

What is really strange about this spam is that it is written in mixed fonts (look at the 'v' in however, the 'k' in like and the 'p' in pray for example). I guess someone thought that such an approach would outsmart the Google spam filter. They were wrong.

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