Thursday, September 12, 2013

Plastic Pounds

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Bank of England is experimenting with plastic currency as a replacement for the standard cotton-paper. How long until the US follows? By no means is England the leader in this movement. Other countries, many in fact being part of the British Commonwealth have already adapted plastic currencies, including New Zealand, Australia and Canada. The US will eventually make the move, but I've not heard any rumblings about it so it will be a while.

What I'm most curious about is how the people that are living "plastic-free lives" are going to handle the change. If they forego currency entirely, then they are forced to use charge cards, also made of plastic. There doesn't seem to be any escape from plastic. However, strictly as a humanitarian effort, I am will to accept all plastic currency from anyone wanting to rid themselves of it. I will ensure that it is properly taken care of. It's about time that this blog had a car to go with it.

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