Friday, September 27, 2013

PPE. Collect (and Wear) the Whole Set!

I'm hoping I set some kind of PPE record yesterday. It was a heck of along tiring day, so a record would be nice consolation. The picture below shows less than half of what I wore.
Working from the top down, I had on
  1. Hard hat (hard rock miner's style) with head lamp
  2. Hooded Tyvek coverall
  3. Respirator with organic filters
  4. Ear plugs
  5. Reflective safety vest
  6. Rubber gloves
  7. Self Rescue Respirator (pictured to the righted)
  8. and
  9. Steel toed boots
  10. At other points in the day, I also had on
  11. Safety glasses
  12. and
  13. a Lab coat
8 pieces of PPE at one point in time, and 2 others in close proximity, all in the name of polymer chemistry. Beat that!

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