Friday, September 13, 2013

The iPhone5c and the i-Flex tire

Some short items about new uses for plastics.

The big news this week was the introduction of the iPhone5c with it's (gasp!) plastic case. But instead of being looked at as a negative, this parody puts a positive spin on the plastic case:

Another product introduction this week, where coincidentally (?) the product's name also starts with the letter 'i', Korean tire manufacturer Hankook is showing off their version of an airless tire/wheel combination called the i-Flex:
(I don't see any mini-USB ports, do you? They must be on the backside) While this is new for Hankook, other tire manufacturers have already introduced similar designs in the recent years, such as the Bridgestone:
and Michelin, whose "Tweel" is a portmanteau for "tire" and "wheel":
These tires would be of value for gangstas driving around, but probably not of much use for most of us.

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